A "Le Monde" collection. "Les Misérables", volume II, by Victor Hugo

“Les Misérables”, volume II, by Victor Hugo, a “Le Monde” collection, on sale at newsagents, € 9.99.

The hour has come, the battle of Waterloo stumbles in a sunken lane, the soggy ditch of Ohain routs the Grande Armée and the empire in peril, thus announcing the end of Napoleonic ambitions, compromised by the unforeseen arose from an all-powerful nature.The second volume of Les Misérables enters history and the din of war.Fantassins, cuirassiers, artillerymen, prevented and retarded, live the apocalypse of defeat.Suddenly the hubris of genius military collapses to sow only desolation and pain.180,000 combatants will leave 60,000 dead on the battlefield.

From this terrible observation, Victor Hugo draws the "world after Napoleon" where ultimately nothing changes, by the sole governance of men.Cosette embodies the innocent heiress and victim.But she carries within her the resilient energy of those who do not.are there for nothing and that one underestimates.To Lamartine, Hugo will confide without detour the bottom of his historical thought: "Yes, a society which admits misery, yes, a religion which admits hell, yes, a humanity which admit war, seem to me an inferior society, religion and humanity, and it is towards the society above, towards the humanity above and towards the religion from above that I strive; society without a king, humanity without borders, religion without books… If the radical is the ideal, yes, I am a radical."

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Posted Date: 2020-09-01

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